Friday, November 30, 2012

6 in 1 with kefir smoothie

6 in 1 smoothie.....


All my smoothie recipes have kefir in it.I may have missed it out while listing the ingredients in my previous posts.

For the number of fruits in it,i thought it would taste a little funny and weird.Surprisingly,it is not.Guess we can't really go wrong with making smoothie =)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coconut smoothie

Today, neighbour gave us a few coconuts so i decided to try using them in the smoothie.But,i skip the kefir cos i didn't know if it would go well with coconut.

Coconut water
Ice cubes

These are the ingredients which i used today.It was quite nice as the mango was sweet and coconut too.This combination is on the sweeter side.Overall,quite happy with this first attempt using coconut.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday smoothie

Oh my goodness!Love today's smoothie the most.Sometimes the combination makes it too creamy or too watery but was just nice with a little sorbet consistency.

Want to know how i made it?

2 frozen sweet mangoes (i got mine fresh from the garden)
2 oranges
1/2 lemon
1/2 cup of kefir or yogurt
1/4 cup of fresh milk
3 cups of ice
Honey (i didn't have to use any cos the mangoes and oranges were sweet enough)

1. Peel and cut all the fruits into cubes. 
2. Freeze the mangoes for a few hours (mine was in the freezer with fast freezing mode for 6 hours).
3. Put everything into the blender and blend until it reaches a smooth consistency.
4. Serve immediately.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Another smoothie recipe

This is another smoothie recipe which i came up with,sort of.I searched online to see what fruits will go best with celery and tomatoes since i wanted to try how those will taste in smoothie.I found a few and this is what i came up with after making a few changes to the original recipe.Sorry for not taking any photos this time.

So,the smoothie of the day is.....
  • 1 tomato (I didn't put many cos i only had the regular tomato and i don't think they are sweet)
  • 1/3 celery (Even with this much,the smell is still a little strong.So if you don't really like celery,can reduce this)
  • 2 apples 
  • 1 orange (Could have added another one to lessen the smell of celery)
  • 1/3 lemon (I think that it was enough,but my papa said a little more would be nicer)
  • honey (If it is not sweet enough)
  • kefir
If you are into making smoothies with raw vegetables,give this a try and let me know how it is.

Also,i am thinking of asking my mummy to get a Blendtec.It will be so much fun making smoothies considering the power it has to blend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

After a very full dinner+supper

Tuesday is badminton night.We will usually skip dinner cos that is when we play badminton and have something light after that.By the time we are back,it was already late.But,i still felt like drinking the smoothie to help digest the food so this was what i came up with.

This is the amount of kefir i usually use for 5 servings.

These are the fruits for today..Papaya,bananas,pineapple,apples and lemon.

And this is the result...The papaya and bananas made the smoothie creamy unlike the usually juice like consistency.

My glass of smoothie to help my round,round stomach digest faster.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Smoothie recipe using honeydew

Yesterday,mummy bought honeydew when we went back to visit my grandmother,so i decided to use that as the main ingredient for today's smoothie.This is what i came up with...Honeydew,bananas,apple and lemon with kefir.It tasted a little bland as the honeydew was not really sweet and i only added one apple.Will have to give it another try with a sweeter honeydew.

Oh...another thing i forgot to mention about blending the fruits.You have to place the kefir (anything liquid) or the 'softer' fruits at the bottom.Certain blenders are not that powerful and if you start off with 'harder' fruits,it might cos the blender to get stuck.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Recently,my family is into making kefir.My uncle gave us the kefir grains to start but it wasn't a 'hit' with everyone in the family.Maybe because of the way we made it,it tasted too sour and has a smell to it.But,it is supposed to have more beneficial bacteria compared to yogurt.So,we gave it a few more tries and now,it is a whole new story.Almost every night,after dinner,no matter how full we are,each of us will have a cup of it blended with ice and fruits.As i am the one in-charged of making it,i will try different recipes with whatever fruits i have at home.So,from now on,i think i will update my blog with those recipes.It is a way for me to remember what i have done and what i can do too.

How do i make the smoothie?
Start off with the fruits that are needed.Peel off the skin and remove the seeds.After that,cut them all into small pieces (so that it is faster to blend and there won't be any chunks of fruit in the smoothies) and put them all in the blender.You can opt to juice and then blend it with the others but i like to blend.The fibers from the fruits are good for you so why waste it,right?Once done with the fruits,the kefir is added and then top with some ice cubes.Blend them until it reaches a smooth consistency.It can be served just like that or with some extra ice cubes or with a few cubes of the fruits that is blended.That simple yet it tastes delicious especially on a hot night.

The smoothie i made tonight is kefir with bananas,apples,pineapple and lemon.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new year

Wow..I am so unproductive when it comes to blogging this year.It is almost May and this is my first post.Well,there is not much to blog about this year.Nothing that interesting happened.

No more KL for me,am back at home.I am looking for a job right now and there has been no reply to any of my application.Am i that under qualified till no one wants me?Or is it because i still have another paper to finish?Anyway,while waiting for their responses,all i can do is prepare for the killer paper again.Hopefully it won't kill me this time.

As for dance,lessons only started recently.Everyone in class was busy with their things until the class was cancelled for a few months.Tomorrow will be my 3rd lesson for this year.Last year,i was learning all the basics and improving on it.But this year,the sir decided to teach us some new,more advanced steps which is tough.So much spinning and turning till i feel dizzy and my toe pain,no gain,right?

Right now...i am suppose to be asleep,but my eyes and brain doesn't seem to want to co-operate with me.So,i am trying to make myself feel sleepy.Usually i will get a book to read but i just finished reading one and didn't manage to get a new one.Really regretting not getting one when i went to shop today.What else can i do at this hour?

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Thursday, December 1, 2011

No regrets

I really have no regrets...when it comes to learning dance.This is one of my hobbies which mummy did not approve at first.She was worried as the dance instructor was a man and when it comes to dancing,there will definitely be some kind of contact.But,since started,nothing has ever stopped me from learning when i have the chance to.Studies came in the way a few times,but once i had some free time,i would be back to continue.This proves that nothing will be in the way if you have your heart and mind set to do it.

Mummy has always encouraged us (siblings and me) to learn anything that was in our interest or beneficial to us.She doesn't mind paying as long as we wanted to learn.I have attended piano lessons,drum lessons,badminton training,taekwando and even mental arithmetic.Most of them were because i was made to learn.It was never my choice.Dancing was the first thing that i learnt because i wanted it.But,this time,mummy refused to pay for my fees.She said if i wanted to learn i had to pay for it myself.Partially it was because of the reason above and partially it was because she wanted me to appreciate,didn't take for granted the money spent on it.So,i have been paying for it myself for a total of almost 3 years now (and it is not cheap cos it costs me 50% of my monthly allowance now).And what she said was right.I am more aware of the cost i need to pay and in order to make it worthwhile,i make sure i attend the classes,pay attention,put effort into improving and practise whenever i am free.Cost versus benefit (linking the things i studied in ACCA here cos i am suppose to be preparing for my exams next week).Besides all that,i also do not give up that easily too.Previously,whenever i face any difficulties when learning,giving up was always an option i would consider,but not for dance.It was never an option,never even thought of it.For all the hardwork,time and money spent on it,giving up halfway would be a waste.Therefore,i am more determined to be better at what i am learning,to be a better dancer.

So,why is it that i said i have no regrets....Only recently,the previous lesson and tonight,that i received a huge compliment from my dance instructor.Usually,i will always either not be doing it right or doing it not enough,never up to his standard as a good student.But,this time,he told me that i had improved a lot,getting most things right (doesn't mean i am very good,just finally understanding what he meant and able to do them).He is even beginning to teach me more especially the hand movements so that i am able to be a complete dancer.I have always concentrated on my body and legs,never bothered about how my hands are suppose to move.So,this time,learning all these makes me feel like a real dancer,a dancer who can perform instead of just facing the mirror and practise.And the funny thing,he even insisted that i search for a job around here so that i can attend more dance classes and maybe get me a partner and prepare for competition.To hear all that from him (one of the best dance instructor in Malaysia),how can i not feel happy and contented?

Conclusion: I have NO REGRETS in learning how to dance =D